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My name is Mikael Fritts, and I am a Web Accessibility Specialist and Full Stack Web Designer working for Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina. My primary focus is making sure that I do the upmost to make web sites usable to persons with all manors of disabilities. I use numerous testing software and hardware to ensure sites are optimized as much as possible including the use of responsive/adaptive web development, committed to producing high quality web solutions using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies built on various content management systems.

Enjoy your stay!


design_services What I Do

I am a Web Accessibility Specialist / Full Stack Web Designer with over twenty years experience creating semantic, responsive, useable, scalable, accessible, and professional websites using standards compliant code as set forth by the W3C. For the past four years my primary focus has been on designing and developing for the accessible web.

I follow the guidelines set by Section 508, Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2 & 2.1), WAI-ARIA, and A11Y. Skilled at hand-coding cross-browser compatible, standards compliant, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, accessibility, and usability. Extremely committed to a web that works for everyone.


face  Who I Am

When I’m not designing or developing, I spend an unhealthy amount of time following auto racing. I am an avid Formula 1 fan (McLaren!!!), as well as keeping up with Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters series. I am also a pro-am driver, racing for Mishimoto Motorsport in Time Attack Trials in both the SCCA and NASA.

I’m currently taking a class in American Sign Language (there seems to be a trend here) in order to interact with my hearing impaired friends more easily as well as keeping up with new trends in the world of accessibility.

I’ll never turn down a cold beer, a great steak, or a weekend at the beach. I like to think of myself as a pretty decent cook, but you know what they say about the eye of the beholder. I also enjoy reading, binge watching true crime shows, and pretending to know what I’m doing in Computational fluid dynamics.


construction What I Use

Presentation Layer:
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Python PHP
Accessibility Tools:
JAWS ScreenReader SiteImprove aXe WAVE A11y Tools
Bootstrap Wordpress Materialize Tailwinds CSS skelJS
Version Control:
GitHub GitLab
Data Integration:
Data Stores:
Photoshop Illustrator Premier XD ID
IAAP WAS IAAP CPACC W3Cx Web Accessibility Standards ITIL 4 - IT Service Managment HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Excellency Degree Certification


preview What I've Done

Future clients and/or employers; a majority of the work that i've completed over the past few years cannot be displayed publicly due to contractual obligations, proprietary reasons, and/or non-disclosure agreement's that have yet to expire. I am sorry for this inconvenience, but i will provide samples when they are called for or needed. Thank you for understanding.


descriptionMy Résumé

I have provided my most current résumé in multiple formats, all ATS compatible.

Microsoft Word



Plain Text



mail_outline Contact Me

if you've got a question, i'm sure i have an answer. fire away!

For security reasons, the form is currently unavaliable. In the inteirum, please send me an email directly. Sorry for the inconvience.